Dental Instruments and Products - FourSquare HealthCare

FourSquare HealthCare is a specialist dental division of DB Orthodontics.

FourSquare HealthCare is the exclusive distributor for Aesculap dental instruments, which has many unique and innovative instruments for the dental profession.

As well as dental instruments, Foursquare Healthcare also exclusively supply Leone dental implants. The Exacone implant system is a screw less implant design, which represents total primary stability with no micro movements between the implant and abutment. Leone’s dental implant system uses cold welding to create a one element implant design, this is achieved by combining a 1.5° Morse cone with an internal hexagon.

FourSquare HealthCare offers a range of infection control products including disinfectant sprays, wipes and hand rubs, as well as dispensers. Aesculap Dental Instruments